IsDons information management systems (databases)

IsDon's information management systems (databases)

question mark Are your routine tasks taking too much of your valuable time? question mark Or is your business being driven by your computer systems? question mark Or are your computer systems too complicated? question mark Or not sophisticated enough? question mark Or are you still using paper-based systems because you think a computer system will cost too much?

question mark Do you struggle to get data out of your databases? question mark Or do you have the same data duplicated across systems? question mark Or maybe your system requires you to enter data that you don't use anymore? question mark Or perhaps your data needs to be edited or formatted? question mark Or converted from other systems?

question mark Do you have manuals that none of your staff can understand? question mark Or operational manuals and system manuals that don't work together? question mark Or no manuals at all?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I can help you.

Why me?

I specialise in affordable systems for small government departments and business enterprises. I can build you a system that will significantly reduce your labour costs.

I know what it's like from your side. I take the time to review and understand your business requirements before determining the best solution depending on your needs.

I believe in creating systems that are relevant to your operational requirements, easy to put information into and only storing data that's really required, easy to get information out of and in a format that's useful. I ensure that your information management systems reflect the way that your business operates and that you are not performing functions just to suit your database.

I handle the complete process, from reviewing your needs, to designing a system that will fit your requirements, and then building the system from start to finish. You only deal with me - not with salespeople or project managers who say "yes" to everything you ask for, but who don't understand either your requirements or the technical processes required.

Contact me to discuss your needs, or click on the links above for more information.