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Installing a new stove

Category: My first slide-on campervan. Published: 23 Jun 2009

I bought a new stove in Melbourne, installed it in Maryborough, couldn't get it connected to the gas in Mount Gambier but eventually did in Adelaide, then connected the electronic ignition in Port Pirie.

My slide-on campervan had a cook-top and griller when I bought it. I use the oven a lot so I planned to eventually replace this with a full stove. As my time was limited I decided this wasn't something I had to do straight away and I'd sort it out on my travels.

While at the fridge repairman's in Melbourne I found that he sold "seconds" -- appliances that are new but slightly damaged -- and he had exactly the stove I wanted -- gas powered, 3 burners, griller, oven, electronic ignition -- and it was half price. Bargain!

I was visiting my brother in Maryborough so he helped me to install the stove, which required us to rebuild a couple of cupboards.

I tried to get the stove connected to the gas while I was in Mount Gambier but there was a problem with getting a piece of copper pipe of the required diameter. Before leaving Canberra I had the gas works checked out and a piece of copper pipe that used to lead to a three-way fridge was removed as it was in the way of the new fridge -- this piece would have been perfect.

Before leaving Mount Gambier I rang the caravan repair place in Adelaide that seemed the most likely to be able to help and they squeezed me in when I told them I was only passing through and was desperate. They connected the stove to the gas supply, advised me how to connect the electronic ignition and told me that the compartment holding the gas bottle was required to have a hole in the bottom of it so that if there was a leak the gas could escape, rather than build up in a small area causing a potential problem.

In Port Pirie, while installing other electrical items, I also connected the electronic ignition for the stove and drilled a hole in the gas bottle compartment.

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